Our journey

Who are we?

As you can see, we are a group of friends, entrepreneurs, employees and retirees with the crazy ambition of sailing to Svalbard.
Without claiming any professional status, the members of the crew share sailing experiences in Cape Horn, Spitzbergen, the West Indies, Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and transatlantic. We have built up a history of sailing and have tested our cohesion in the Bay of Biscay, the Scilly Islands and Brittany.
Each one of them is training or brings a solid know-how for a perfect management of the boat and the trip.

Why this trip?

For the pleasure of sailing. Indeed, the classic navigation instruments become inoperable near the pole, the logical reference points are lost, the climatic conditions are rough and do not forgive any approximation.

For the challenge, because sailing in the most extreme northern latitudes represents a human and technical challenge when you are not one of the best sailors on the planet.

And finally, for nature, since travelling by sail means immersing oneself in a harsh and hostile nature, but which also knows how to be welcoming and generous.


Our goal is three months of magical sailing aboard a mythical sailing ship to reach the mythical Svalbard, land of all energies, and return to our starting port, La Rochelle.
Our itinerary after several months of preparation on the boat is as follows:

Departure in March, we will sail up the Atlantic coast from La Rochelle to Brest until mid-April. We hope to reach the Scilly Islands, the Irish Sea and the Caledonian Channel by mid-May.
By mid-June we will have passed the coasts and fjords of Norway, the Lofoten Islands and Tromso to finally arrive in Svalbard. We will then start our return to La Rochelle at the end of July.

Our ambition for this trip is to have a carbon footprint close to zero. To achieve this, here are some of the actions we will take on a daily basis: travel by train rather than by plane, fishing on board, reducing animal proteins, sobriety. Lending, renting and buying second-hand equipment.