Logbook – Week 2

Since leaving Dublin last weekend, we have sailed up to Scotland and the Caledonian Channel.

We were surprised to see Gearóid Ó Riain, one of the members of the first Northabout expedition, leaving the marina.

Some days were better than others for sailing, with more or less wind, but the crew was as motivated as ever!

We sailed up the North Channel while enjoying Fabinou’s food, which once again delighted us!

We even had the right to eat this little animal with pointed ears whose name the most superstitious do not pronounce…🐰

Once in the Hebrides, the crew split into two teams:

  • the backpackers
  • the whisky lovers

And you, which team are you?

Arriving in the south of Scotland, we discovered our first loch and enjoyed the sunsets and the local resources!

We then traveled to Oban to pick up a crew member, Mano joined the adventure!
We continue our way up the canal with the passage of (many) locks, we don’t even count them anymore. !

This second week of sailing is coming to an end and as good supporters of La Rochelle we were there to watch the game (which ended in a magnificent victory!)
Enough to give us energy and good mood for the continuation of our journey and the ascent of the Caledonian channel.

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