Logbook – Week 6

Monday May 22, 2023- Sunday May 29, 2023

6th week: from Toma Island to Bodo Town

We sail gently inside the fjords towards Toma Island, better known to the crew as “Mano Island”. We recovered the secret map of this forgotten island, during a memorable ceremony to commemorate the Franco-Norwegian friendship, at the famous Irish Pub in Alensud, the Dirty Nelly. The conditions are quite good, we are under sail, focused, and slaloming between the islands at an average speed of 6 knots.

By the end of the day Tuesday, we are approaching. The weather is great, and our eyes are lost in the immensity and majesty of the place. Thank you stars, thank you great universe, thank you gods whoever they are for your protection: At that very moment, when everything was so perfect, our trip could have gone very wrong. We want to keep this episode to ourselves and will not tell the story. To those who experience the sea, and are committed to travel to distant destinations, we can only give an advice that has been told a thousand times over: prepare for the unpredictable. Alleluia. We drop the anchor around 7:30 p.m. and the mystical quietness of this little corner of paradise invades us. We are all fully aware that we are living through a moment of great intensity. Fabian, Redge and Fredo go fishing and bring back enough to fill the galleys in a few minutes. Cod, whelks, sea urchins… it’s the Garden of Eden. The weather is prompting some questions and we are carefully studying the different options.

We chose to stay an additional day on the island and depart at the end of the day for a fallback port located 15 nautical miles to the south. After a good recovery night, everyone adjusts their activity schedule to make the most of these last hours: Jogging, fishing, walking, and a little swimming session in this water at 10°C, so wonderfully clear.

We set sail at the end of the day for an uneventful 4-hour stretch to Sandnessjoen. Major change of mood, the city seems asleep, and even the cozy setting of Uncle Oscar does not seem to attract many people. Regardless, we are here, all together, and are thankful enough for what we’ve been through recently to be patient.

This is the time when engineers from Dupont & Dupond Engineering (And Design) choose to make some modifications to the boat. Well known internationally for their TLS (Telephone Locking System), their expertise now focuses on Northabout toilets. Another big step forward in the reverse march of social progress.

D&D; Take life the right way (pronounce boot): (jeu de mot ne marche pas en englais)

A weather window is emerging for Thursday at 9 a.m. and it’s off again for 100 Nautical Miles towards BODO. We are going to stop there to pick up Dude who is coming from France today to join the team for five weeks. The wind is strong, gusty, it’s raining, and the temperature is around 0°C. It is in these conditions that we have the joy of crossing the Arctic Circle, a great time for the whole crew.

At 5:30 a.m., the last watch brings the ship to the visitor’s dock. Dude’s hotel is good fortune for our cooled bodies, and we stay up there until noon. It feels good to be dry: some good fish and chips, a few games of bar curling, and off we go for a big recovery nap.

The boat falls asleep and doesn’t wake up until late in the evening. We are stuck here until Monday. Sunday goes on at everyone’s pace.

Outside, the weather is unchained.

The adventure goes on.

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