Role on board: Weather and cartography, the subjects that most excite his curiosity and interest. One can also add, imagery in the broad sense and more particularly photography, which in this journey will take a great place!

“Having grown up quite far from the sea in the Lot et Garonne, it was only when I arrived in Bordeaux for my studies that I began to love the power and beauty of the ocean, through bodyboarding and surfing at first. It was at this time that Régis, Amael and I met. First sailing experiences with Régis during 2 sailboat rentals in Brittany and Ile de Ré, then by offering me to join him as crew for a transatlantic: La Rochelle – Bahamas. A fantastic trip in all respects which definitely anchored the open sea in my heart! Since then, I have been able to buy a small Bahia with friends and go on beautiful summer outings in the Arcachon basin. And then recently a group formed around Régis and his plans to travel to colder waters. A strong energy was immediately created and we practised together, in successive stages, in ocean sailing to arrive today at this project of extreme latitudes, which is a real challenge for me. Because it is the warmer latitudes that have always attracted me: I have Spanish origins, I lived and worked in Spain, I practised flamenco as far as Andalusia. Married with two daughters, I now live near Rochefort, not far from the sea of course.”