Travel stories #1

Vert Banquise is launching Travel Stories, the most beautiful sailing stories of the crew members. Fabien begins with a beautiful encounter at sea…

“One of my finest sailings is the one I did during the delivery of a sailboat from Paimpol to the island of Oléron. We had left Camaret in the morning, we had quickly put the boat under sail and were gliding on a calm sea. I was trolling for mackerel… Then the wind died down and it was under motor that we passed the Raz de Sein at more than ten knots carried by the current in the swirling pots of this mythical place!

We found some wind and put the boat under sail in the afternoon and it was wonderful to sail along this Brittany coast in this light. Suddenly a group of dolphins joined us and accompanied us for several hours, I was in heaven, connected to them I had trouble leaving the bow of the boat where I met their eyes… They were playing in the waves and sometimes making somersaults! Arno, Mano and Fredo were on the boat during this navigation which will remain magical for me the young retired sailor! We reached Concarneau early in the morning like in a dream!”

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