Logbook – Week 1

It’s already been a week since we sailed north with Northabout!

Many of you cheered us on Saturday 15th April for our departure, thank you to all the people present in the port of La Rochelle to mark the beginning of this adventure with us.

A look back at some of the moments of this first week of sailing with Tof, Pat, Lolo, Fabinou, Tintin and Fredo on board.

First of all, our first sunrise over Northabout the day after our departure, with this blazing sky.

We made our first stop in the port of Les Sables d’Olonne and then the second in the port of Audierne from where we left the next day.

Still heading north, we are having a great time together on board!

Next stop is Ushant, the most westerly point in France. We took the opportunity to visit the island, and to pick triquette garlic which ended up in pesto for our evening meal. Special mention to Fabinou, our super cook!

Ushant was also the occasion to go and have a drink at the Ty Korn pub where we left a trace of our passage. Our project is called Vert Banquise, but we also needed a band name. You can call us “Inglorious Bastards”.

(Not so) fun fact, at the exit of the pub the tide is…low and the dinghy is at the bottom of the harbour until 3am, so we have to be patient…That’ll teach us to have too good a time!

We finally set sail again towards Ireland, passing the Isles of Scilly where we had already sailed with part of the crew in 2022.
We passed the 50° with very good sailing conditions and continued to Dublin where we arrived on Sunday 23rd April. This deserves a Guinness?

In 8 days we have already come a long way, and this is only the beginning!
You can follow our progress here :

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