Logbook – Week 3

A bit of fresh water for Northabout and some unusual scenery for him this third week. We took the Caledonian Canal from Fort Williams to Inverness, through 29 locks, 11 bridges, 3 large Lochs including the famous Ness.

The most memorable for the crew will however remain Loch Lochy where we were able to take out the sails and go upwind to draw a seam line on the map by a series of 24 tacks.

Each lock passage was an opportunity for friendly encounters with tourists passing through or regulars of the canal. Special dedication to young Gabin and his parents.

We were happy to sail “between the trees”, to discover this magnificent Scottish countryside with the appearance of mountains, to sail on these black, fresh and deep waters of the loch.

On board, life is punctuated by numerous manoeuvres, fabulous Fab’s meals and some quiet times that everyone makes their own.
Our arrival in Inverness sounds like a return to civilisation and we took the opportunity to offer our ears rich moments of folk music and to the lucky ones who were able to cross us the summit of a beautiful northabout evening.

This week also marked the arrival of Régis and the departure of Laurent, Christophe and Martin. It was a real pleasure to sail together.

Good wind to them, the adventure continues!

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  • Sarah and Marnie Mackenzie
    1 year ago

    We really enjoyed meeting a few of you in our craft shop in Inverness ! Thank you for sharing your blog with us and we wish you the best on your adventures ! Looking forward to the next update 😃

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